The Imperfect Project – Too much shadow spoils the photo

I like this photo, but I admit, it is far from perfect. When I took it the sun was out in full and instead of taking my time to try and find an angle that would not throw a shadow onto the roots I was just happy to shoot from one angle. A good reminder that you should move around your subject and try different angles, as well as taking particular note of shadows and highlights that could spoil, or make, your photo. If I had taken just 5 more minutes I would have come away with a photo that I would have been happier with. Wabi-sabi strikes again.


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11 thoughts on “The Imperfect Project – Too much shadow spoils the photo

  1. You could have cut down the tree that provided the shade, but that may have been churlish for just one photo. You may have waited but this Wabi Sabi tells of the minute that was not what may have been. It looks like the tree is coming alive and will soon be on the move. Best you’re not there when it does. What F/stop was it BTW?


  2. I did the same thing this week! But, I was so eager to get that picture, it was so nice outside, I wanted it at that very moment and nothing else! And I’m going to use it too, shadow and all!


    • Good on you! Sometimes a little patience may be required, but I am honest, I have very little patience most days.


  3. I think the shadow adds quite a sinister vibe to the photo, like Ron, I see a skeleton making its way out from below.


  4. Tammy

    I think Wabi Sabi did good…makes one wonder what the shadow is of and what it is doing in the picture….I like Jackscrap’s version….something wicked this way comes!


  5. Hahaha…. I was thinking the same thing! Boney fingers reaching out. Maybe good for a texture?


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