The Imperfect Project – Dead Flower

The other day I was reminded that dead flowers are beautiful in their own right. My husband pointed out how nice some of our dead flowers look in winter. So, this afternoon I picked a few and photographed them. While they may not be in full bloom delighting us in summer, their winter appearance is just as delightful to me; showing off their seeds, their textures and structures.


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9 thoughts on “The Imperfect Project – Dead Flower

  1. The color and texture is beautiful….I like the way the negative space works with your flower. Imperfect perfection, I’d say : )


    • Thank you Helen, I was not sure if it would work when I took the photo, so I am pleased that it did work out.


  2. Quickly! Water that damn plant before it carks it! How could you torture another living creature like that just to get a stunning photo???


  3. Julie

    The is wonderful, Simone. Somehow it looks even better here than on Flickr, which is not usually the case. It think it must be that the colors are playing off the green blog background. Do you mind saying how you lit this?


    • Hi Julie, thank you for the nice comment. The light is all natural; I placed it all outside on our deck; no special lighting equipment required just lucky with the sun playing off the siding of our house.

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  4. Tammy

    Love the simplicity of the shot…and you are right, it is beautiful, the colors are really enhanced by the background color


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