Dare to be Different


Inspiration for this photo came from a few separate corners this week.

The first was cute paper houses made into an advent calendar; as Christmas is a long way off yet, I decided to adapt that idea somewhat.

The second inspiration was a blog post I came across from a year or so ago talking about an alternative way to see Venice in Italy. This post gives some great ideas on how to see Venice, and enjoy it, despite the masses of tourists that fill it daily and make the usual sightseeing an unpleasantness. Seeing Venice in the way described in the post just makes perfect sense to me, but many people would not even think to try and approach this in a different way and just go with the masses.

My final inspiration came from music, David Bowie’s music to be precise. I was listening to his last album on my way to work the other morning and this just reminded me, as if I needed reminding, what a genius this man really was and how he truly broke the mold and dared to be different, always.

Daring to be different takes courage, no matter what it is. It’s easier for some than others, but it is oh so worth it.

So, from someone who dares to be different, even if sometimes only in small ways, this is to everyone who dares to be different. And for those who haven’t found the courage, be brave, dare to break the norm!

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2 thoughts on “Dare to be Different

  1. Julie

    This is a lovely post, Simone. I love the way the image tells the story of being different. It’s beautifully done!


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