The Imperfect Challenge – Slightly more perfect than I originally thought!

This shot was one I took with my old Panasonic Lumix wide angle point & shoot camera (the model escapes me now) back in 2008. At that point I had only ever owned Canon Powershot pocket cameras and this wide angle lens was a revelation to me. I loved this camera, and we still actually have it, but don’t really use it any more. The shot was one I took when we were on our Mediterranean cruise (our farewell journey before moving to Canada 8 months later) and it shows our daughters two stuffed bear/dog type toys. They are called Christmas and Eve; Christmas, as the name suggest, was given to her by us one Christmas and Eve was bought later by a friend of ours. Anyway, the maid that cleaned our cabin would pose them every day in a different way for our daughter, which she loved.

Anyway, I digress; why is this in the Imperfect Challenge? Well, ever since moving from the Lumix camera to my DSLR I have thought of my photos pre-DSLR as inferior for some reason; probably because they were shot in Jpeg as suppose to RAW.  Somewhere inside of me is this perception that my photos from the Jpeg days are no good, and while to some extend that may be true (after all, we all grow in our photography the longer we practice it), there are still some gems in my archive, like this shot. I really like the old feel that I managed to achieve in post processing. So, despite my perception, this did turn out to be a good shot (in my eyes anyway).

Picture 395-1

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8 thoughts on “The Imperfect Challenge – Slightly more perfect than I originally thought!

  1. Two besties off on an adventure, what’s not to love about this image?


  2. The only Perfect photo is one that is taken and tells the story! If your million dollar whizz-bang camera is safely locked in a safe it ain’t much good is it. This is a treasure!

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  3. Julie

    This is a lovely photo and your explanation is such a perfect way of saying that the value of any photo has at its heart a lot more than just the equipment used.


  4. Tammy

    I think this belongs in the “perfection photo challenge” 🙂 I bet your daughters loved seeing them in different poses everyday…how fun!


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