More from the baby gorilla

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first photo of the new baby gorilla at our local zoo. In just over a week this little one will be two months old. It didn’t have an easy start, it was, and still seems to be a, little smaller than expected, and at one point the gorilla care team had to intervene to ensure the baby got enough nourishment and liquids.

When we visited them again this weekend the difference in the little one was easy to see; she (sorry, did I say it was a girl?) was alert, looked much happier, and although still a little scrawny, she has put on weight. Mum is doing a great job, especially as this is her first baby, and Dad, who has a lot more experience, is gentle and protective.

It is always nice to see babies, be they human or animal, and a gorilla baby is just extra special.

untitled-106-1 untitled-108-1-2 untitled-115-1


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15 thoughts on “More from the baby gorilla

  1. Intimate captures…..these are wonderful, Simone!


  2. Real Life – Thanks!


  3. Julie

    It’s astonishing how closely these portraits resemble ones that are taken of human moms & infants.


    • I know Julie. In fact, I am always amazed when I study the gorillas closely how much alike we really are.


  4. Love it. I love gorillas. ☺


  5. You captured wonderful moments! Love babies 💕


  6. They are all so wonderful, good to know that she’s making progress. I love the last one showing a little tongue poking out.


  7. Tammy

    Awwwww I want him (or her)! LOL Love how human like the mom takes care of baby!


  8. Wow. A real connection going on in there.


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