The Imperfect Project – Creating a sense of drama

This photo was another one of those hum-drum photos I had almost forgotten about. When I went out shooting that day I had envisaged a snow covered bison standing proud with its warm breath visible, which would have given the whole thing the drama I was looking for. The bison wasn’t willing to comply with my vision. Instead of standing it was lying down, there was hardly any snow on the ground and no breath was visible, not a whisper! So, I resigned myself to the fact that the drama had to wait for another time. Well, until I started to play around with this in Lightroom. Not the look I was hoping for originally, but way more interesting looking than the original.

Post Processing

Post Processing

The original hum-drum shot

The original hum-drum shot

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10 thoughts on “The Imperfect Project – Creating a sense of drama

  1. What a load of BULL wish I had a chance to snap that Hum Drum Magnificence.


  2. It obviously wasn’t his day to perform…looks like you caught him napping instead.


  3. love this photo and what you have done with it. Also love the gorilla photos. I see you are in Calgary – I’m from Belfast but my son is in Calgary for a year – just finishing at the University there (loved it!). So, I feel a slight connection 😉


  4. Tammy

    I actually love the color version! But I also do like what you ended up with too…I think it looks like he is weathering the weather in it


  5. Magnificent.


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