Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

It’s Pet’s week at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. During my time I/we have had all sorts of pets, from budgies (mine when I was a child and then our daughter when she was younger), to rabbits (mine), guinea pigs (my sister’s), a rat (my brother’s), hamsters (also my sister’s), parakeet (my dad’s), beta fish (our daughter’s), and dogs.

Jo Jo - our daughter's first pet

Jo Jo – our daughter’s first pet

We had our first dog a few years after we got married. She was called Josie, was a tri-colour border collie and a very intelligent hound. We did however, feel like sheep every time she played fetch, as she would run out, get the ball or stick, and then circle round the other way to heard us into the center and then coming in from the back. She was a great dog and we were very sad when we had to give her away due our overseas posting and her inability to have survived a 10+ hour journey in the plane’s hold.

Josie - our highly intelligent dog - the first pet we owned as a married couple

Josie – our highly intelligent dog – the first pet we owned as a married couple

Since moving to Canada we have been the owners of two female West Highland White Terriers. They are called Coco and Diva and are half sisters, having the same dad. We only set out to buy one dog, but they had spent the first 10 months of their lives together, so who were we to force them apart? They are a true joy to have around. Both have distinctly different characters; Diva, true to her name, is a true diva, loves to sit on tons of cushions and looks like a Westie should look. Coco on the other hand is a little rebel, loves watching TV (mainly wildlife programs) and looks more fox-like. We do sometimes wonder if we own them or if they just let us have that illusion!

Diva - trying to sneak into my flower bed, thinking I wasn't watching

Diva – trying to sneak into my flower bed, thinking I wasn’t watching

Coco - always up to no good

Coco – always up to no good

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4 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

  1. Companion shots. The Dogs are man’s best friend, but did you know that the word Budgerigar is in one of the inland indigenous tongues of Australia “Native Companion”. How’s that for a tie in? Nomadic Indigenous Australians follow them in the desert to find water.

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  3. I do adore your photos of your family’s pets. 😀


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