The Imperfect Project – Sometimes it is good to break rules

Rules are there to be broken, right?

Well, perhaps not in general, however, some rules of photography can and should be broken. Most hobby photographers (of which I am one) have heard of all the compositional rules; the rule of thirds, the balancing of elements in a shot, leading lines, framing, etc, etc. As I embarked on my photographic journey I started reading about composition. I especially remember learning about the rule of thirds, whereby you place the main subject in your shot at the intersection of or along the imaginary two horizontal and two vertical lines that divide your photo up into 9 equal segments. Every photo I took from thereon in was following that rule; in most cases this worked out fine and gave me some really nice and pleasing images. However, it didn’t work for every image and I couldn’t understand why that was until I delved some more into the subject of composition and learned that sometimes you need to break that rule and place your subject smack in the middle of the frame.

Since taking photography more serious over 6 years ago I have learned that there really are no rules, look at them as guidelines, learn about them, use them when it makes your photo better, but don’t be restricted by them. Go and break the rules and be as artistic as you want to be to express your vision – be Imperfect!


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7 thoughts on “The Imperfect Project – Sometimes it is good to break rules

  1. Rules were made for one purpose and one purpose only! TO BE BROKEN (It’s a Rule)


    • Following the rule, but then breaking the rule that says break the rule, therefore not breaking the rule (I think).


  2. I remember starting out with a used 4×5 Speed Graphic camera and a little dark room in my basement. I read every book I could find on how to take a better picture… but like I have been living the last two decades I went off the reservation and photographed whatever my eye thought was good, focusing mostly on B&W architectural work. Unlike yourself I could not pursue my dreams when the Army got in the way and photography became only a memory. But I do like to go back and appreciate some of those early works.


    • Pete, it is great that you can go back to look at those early photos. Are you not tempted to pick it up again?


  3. I like to make up the rules as I go along…and I usually find symmetry is not to my taste, but I can see why you were attracted to this runway of sorts, makes me feel like I want to take the challenge and plunge into the depths at the end of this jetty.

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  4. Tammy

    Imperfections equals perfection in my book…and this one truly is imperfect! 🙂


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