Graceful engineering

Some people really don’t like wind turbines, but I love these giants; to my eye they are graceful looking, almost other worldly.

For some odd reason they always remind me of a sci-fi series I watched in Germany in the 1980s; it was called “Die dreibeinigen Herrscher”; the English title was “The Tripods”. The TV series was based on a book series of the same title written by John Christopher. I am sure I must be the only one that remembers this series, as I have never heard anybody else make mention of it!




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8 thoughts on “Graceful engineering

  1. I wonder what the collective noun is for a bunch of wind turbines, there certainly seems to be quite a lot on this stretch of coast. They really do have a menacing presence about them, like giant sentinals on guard.


  2. I agree with you – although it depends where they are and the noise level coming from them. There are quite a lot of them along the windy southern most coast of Spain near where we visit regularly and along the coast road when driving round one particular bend all of a sudden you are faced with a whole collection of them. I find it most impressive, some people hate them, I hate them sometimes in some places, but when proper consideration is given to where they are put then they are pretty awesome!


  3. I saw a Doco that stated that the biggest fault with them is that they cause massive localized air pressure drops, as the turbines pass and all small birds in the vicinity are at risk of lung collapse because of that. Hummingbirds apparently are most at risk because their metabolism is so high functioning. I like Humming birds (we don’t have them) a heck of a lot more that I like wind farms.


  4. Julie

    They are a spectacularly eerie sight when in large numbers like this. They are still unique enough that they come as a surprise when I happen upon them.


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