My obsession continues

It seems that I am into a new obsession; creating surreal composites featuring our beautiful daughter. Thankfully she doesn’t mind posing for me in all sorts of positions, although I have to make sure not to push my luck (especially when she is tired or hung over, or both!).

At first I thought these might take me a long time to complete, but it seems that I am learning quicker than I had anticipated. I am using photoshop techniques and tools I have not used before, but I am having fun learning as I go.

So, here is the latest creation, which I am calling “The Portal”. Hope you like it.

The Portal

The Portal

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7 thoughts on “My obsession continues

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  2. Totally believable! I’d like to see her flying next. Do you know about how to fake that effect? Years ago on the old PSE group there was some instruction on how to set up a scene to get that effect.


    • I don’t think I saw that tutorial; I did have her pose in a sort of flying stance, so something to come in the future I think!


  3. Tammy

    Loving your obsession…keep obsessing!


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