Bald Eagles

It is an understatement when I say that we saw a lot of wildlife during our trip to Vancouver Island. The sheer variety of animals we saw, and the abundance, was just a real surprise. Not a day went by that we didn’t see something new. So, in order to do them all justice I will do a post for each, starting with the Bald Eagles.

The first one we didn’t spot for some time, even though he was right there on top of a crane. The crane is outside of the whale watching tour operator’s office in the harbour of Tofino. We were actually watching a kingfisher (a little of him in  a later post) and when he suddenly flew off we realized that the eagle was just to one side on the crane. Apparently he is one half of a pair that nests in the big trees next to the building and every so often he gets turfed out of the nest by the wife (probably so she can have some peace and quiet) and so he tends to sit on the crane until he is allowed back.



The next one we came across was during our whale watching tour. Our guide new that there was an abandoned eagles nest on this little island and that sometimes you get adult eagles hanging around in that area. We were lucky enough that there was this fine example just waiting for us.


Finally, this is a nest that is in use and if you look closely, there is a fledgling eagle just off to the right of the nest. It took us all some time to see him, as he was well hidden behind a branch, but after our boat moved its angle a little we were able to spot him. I didn’t know that eagles mate for life, I wonder what happens if one dies, does the other try to find another mate or stay on his/her own?

Spot the fledgling!

Spot the fledgling!

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2 thoughts on “Bald Eagles

  1. Whales and Fish Eagles seem to go together. Great Spotting.


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