Ancient Trees on Vancouver Island

Along Highway 4, which connects Tofino and Ucluelet on the West of the island with Parksville on the East, you will find Cathedral Grove. Not a church, but an ancient piece of land that is the home to some extraordinary trees. It is a Douglas Fir forest and some of its trees are around 800 years old, with the majority of the trees being around 300 to 350 years old, as a fire 350 years ago destroyed some of the ancient trees.

The area is set out with trails for visitors to stroll along and take in this ancient treasure. If you are ever in the area, this is a must stop. When you walk under these treetops you get a real feeling for what it must have looked and felt like all around this area before the fire and before Europeans came to settle there. Trying to get a perspective on the size of these trees is really hard to convey in photos. So, please use your imagination and picture 800 year old trees that are about 75 m/250 ft high and around 9 m/29 ft in circumference.

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4 thoughts on “Ancient Trees on Vancouver Island

  1. they are amazing, never seen one that big or old, quite incredible, thanks for sharing


  2. Great Forestry shots.


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