One of the cutest marine animals around

Sea Otters have to be one of the cutest marine animals around.


Most often then not, if they spot you, they are usually gone before you may have even spotted them. However, every so often you have a sea otter who is either very curious, and therefore lets you watch him, or rather laid back, and they just cannot be bothered to move just because a human being has decided to take a look.


We seemed to have encountered all three types. There were quite a few how saw us and took a dive, not to be seen again; then there was one who seemed to inspect us just as much as we were looking at him; and then there was the really laid back one, he (or she) really didn’t give a hoot about us and just carried on regardless, seemingly way too comfortable to make a move.



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3 thoughts on “One of the cutest marine animals around

  1. Otterly Delightful.It’s my hope they take over from man when we are extinct.


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