London – What a week it’s been

I have been back 5 days now and while normal life has resumed, the memories from London are still very fresh.

Our daughter and I spent 7 nights exploring this exciting city. I love London with its quirky sights and sounds, its busy roads, tubes and pavements, its tourist attractions which are almost always busy, and its hidden gems. This was not our first visit, but the first time we spent longer than 3 days in the city.

A lot of our days were spent walking; walking to attractions, walking the streets of London, walking down the steps to a tube station and then back up again at the other end (I had forgotten the amount of stairs the tube has!!), walking inside the attractions, walking to get food and drink and then finally walking back to our rented apartment.

Thanks to a book called “Walking London” by Andrew Duncan we managed to explore quite a lot of the city. I think our daughter had had quite enough by Day 4, especially as according to her fitness tracker we had walked a record 27,000 steps a few days prior to Day 4. It is a miracle that our feet did not drop off by the end of the week.

Whenever I am in London I always wish that I was a natural street photographer to capture some of the really unique people that call London Town home. Alas, I am not that brave, so will just have to make do with the more traditional style of photographing the city (although I did manage to sneak some photos of a group of young Japanese girls in their traditional dress – more of that later).

On our last night in London we took a water bus down to Westminster and were rewarded with some stunning night sights of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye; below is one of my favourite shots from our last night.

I hope to be able to write and share more of our week in London in upcoming posts in an attempt to revive my blog a little, as I have been rather neglecting this over the past months.

The London Eye at night


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5 thoughts on “London – What a week it’s been

  1. Simone, how wonderful that you were able to go on this special trip with your daughter. You will both look back at this special time together for years to come. Love your picture with the reflections!


  2. I’m glad you had a wonderful trip X


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