At the end of a long freeze

Here in Alberta we are used to having a week of -30/-35C here and there throughout the winter, but we have just come out of 2 weeks of these temperatures, and I am more than glad it’s over. Add to that the windchill and we endured temperatures of around -38C to -45C, not to mention the 50cm of snow we received just before Christmas.

This past week has thankfully been a lot warmer, with some days going as high as +5C. So the big meltfest has started, at least for now. So I took the opportunity to take a little drive around just outside of our town. Here are some of the views I came across.

We are lucky to be living just 40 minutes drive from the Rockies

A view of the magnificent Rocky Mountains

The sun was trying really hard to come through

One of the many back roads, some of which, as this one, are now free of snow and ice again

This field obviously escaped some of the big snow (probably due to the wind whipping it across the field)

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7 thoughts on “At the end of a long freeze

  1. I know how weather effects us, we due for 31C here today but in Sydney they expect to reach 41C today, I know you feel sorry for them. (BTW Those are positive numbers not negative and no wind chill, we would kill for a little wind chill)


    • Yes, I do feel for you all in that heat (NOT!). Stay cool and hydrated and I will send some wind chill your way!


  2. These are quite beautiful Simone, wish you’d posted them yesterday while we suffered through 43C. Does everyone have really large pantries where they stock up on tinned food etc, I just can’t imagine being snowed in for days, weeks on end, and face running out of essentials.


  3. Tammy

    I am freezing just looking at these! Do you ever leave the house? I know just a few days of that weather did me in…not sure I could handle weeks of it. Even though the pics are so bleak and cold they still are beautiful (glad your camera did not freeze up taking them)!


    • Sorry Tammy, just noticed your comment!! Well, yes, live goes on as normal here in freezing temps, just with a lot more layers on you lol.


  4. I love this collection, Simone. Wall hangers every one.


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