Havana’s Buildings – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Havana’s buildings; if you have missed Part 1 just follow the link.

One of the things I photographed the most in Havana was its buildings; each one of them has something different to offer. The majority of the buildings are looking much worse for wear, but their former glory does shine through, whether it’s the little architectural touches, the large arches, cast iron balconies or just the vibrant colours; everywhere you look there is something wonderful to discover about each and every building and house you walk past.

The Malecón in Havana has some wonderful buildings (see my previous post for more of them), and this wonderful green highrise was just one of many that caught my eye.

Along the Malecón, Havana, Cuba

This building has some wonderful little details just above the arches.

Despite the state of the buildings, the former grandeur is shining through

I cannot remember where in Havana we came across this building, but I could not walk past without taking a photo; the colours are just so wonderfully vibrant.

The balconies remind me of Paris, but the colours are so Cuba!

And last but not least (for this post) this is the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba. It was built in 1930 and is a copy of the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. In the 1940s the hotel and casino hosted the largest ever get-together of the North American Mafia, organised by US mobsters Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano. They used the guise of a Frank Sinatra concert for their purposes; the event is depicted in the movie “The Godfather II”, but the actual scenes were filmed elsewhere.

The hotel has had famous guest throughout its history, from Fred Astair, Rita Hayworth to Walt Disney in the early days to Steven Spielberg and Leonardo Di Caprio in more recent times, as well as hosting a number of world leaders and diplomats, such a Vladimir Putin and former President Jimmy Carter.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana

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