Woodland Caribou

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Frosty Morning

Working from home has its benefits, especially when you can capture a beautiful sunrise on a frosty cold morning. I wish I could work from home every day, but alas telecommuting is still not a thing where I work.

Frosty Mornings

Frosty Mornings

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More Snow

We were lucky to get quite a lot of snow at Christmas (when this photo was taken) and we had some beautiful blue skies to go along with it once snowfall stopped.


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Too many?

Trees everywhere….


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Winter in the Mountains

Winter is slowly arriving in the Canadian Rockies…

Canadian Rockies in the Winter

Canadian Rockies in the Winter

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Summer Flowers

At the moment you would not believe it was summer here; we have had severe hail storms which have caused widespread damage, it has been raining every day for almost 2 weeks, and we have daily thunderstorms.

So, to remind myself that it is still summer, and those of you who are also experiencing a wet summer time at the moment, here are some of my summer flowers I shot before the hail storm came along (thankfully not too much damage in our garden!).





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Graceful engineering

Some people really don’t like wind turbines, but I love these giants; to my eye they are graceful looking, almost other worldly.

For some odd reason they always remind me of a sci-fi series I watched in Germany in the 1980s; it was called “Die dreibeinigen Herrscher”; the English title was “The Tripods”. The TV series was based on a book series of the same title written by John Christopher. I am sure I must be the only one that remembers this series, as I have never heard anybody else make mention of it!




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A seat for two

We came across these chairs at the shores of Waterton Lake in Southern Alberta. Luckily for me it wasn’t really the weather to be sitting out and enjoying the view, so I didn’t have to result to shooing people out of the chairs to take my shot.

Waterton Lake with the Prince of Wales Hotel in the background

Waterton Lake with the Prince of Wales Hotel in the background

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All in bloom

My favourite time of year seems to have arrived early; we are in full swing of summer with temperatures reaching a high of 32C today. This also means that our garden is coming into bloom, which provides me with a constant stream of new photo subjects.


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Graduation – some very proud parents!

Our daughters graduation just seems to have suddenly arrived; I am not quite sure where the past 12/13 years have gone. To say that we are extremely proud of our daughter is probably an understatement!

So, in case she does actually read my blog posts (which I am sure she doesn’t!), we know you will be doing great with your next step in life and no matter what happens, always be true to yourself!

Prom-1 Prom-1-8



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