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Lizardy friends

During our travels through Cuba we came across a number of different lizards. In fact, on our first day in Havana, standing on the rooftop terrace of our casa particular (which is what a B&B is called in Cuba) this lizard was the first one we saw. He made several appearances during our stay there and I learned that the Cubans call the pink flap of skin a “handkerchief”. Only males have this flap, its scientific name is a “dewlap”, which is used in territorial displays and when it comes time to court the ladies. I guess in this case he was making sure we knew he was there and ready to fight if needed.


This next example is a beautiful specimen that resided on the veranda of our casa particular in the Bay of Pigs; he was also the biggest one we saw (around 9in). We named him Harry, after a similar lizard from the UK TV series “Death in Paradise”. Harry was there every day and defended his territory almost daily against two smaller lizards. Harry’s colours are really wonderful and I don’t feel this photo really does them justice.

Meet Harry

The majority of the lizards we saw were mainly green in colour, but we did come across these two in separate locations, sporting a go-faster stripe down their back.

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A rare photo – for me at least

Every year our local zoo has part of their large conservatory transformed into a butterfly paradise. Every year we go to experience these beautiful animals, and every year I try to get a good photo of the Large Blue Morpho Butterfly, and every year I fail. I fail because these butterflies do not sit still long enough to get a tack sharp photo. Last year’s best attempt was the photo below. The butterfly was sat on a window and I ended up more with a silhouette photo. Thanks to some work in Lightroom I managed to bring out some of the butterflies’ colours and patterns. I hope to do better this year!

The Large Blue Morpho Butterfly

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We call him Harry

Meet Harry, we met him on holiday recently (and his friends). He is friendly and doesn’t need much looking after (just as well, as the beach was taking up most of our time).

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Eurasian Lynx

When we visited Germany in October last year we took a day trip to the Wisentgehege in Springe. It’s over 90 hectars of medows and ancient forest with over 100 animal species, some of which are endangered. It’s a fabulous place and the ancient forest that you walk through includes a section with various different deer species that, if they wanted to, would be able to come right up to you.

One of the first animals you come across are the Eurasian Lynx, which are sometimes hard to spot (as they can be shy), but thankfully, they were rather social when we visited.

Eurasian Lynx

Eurasian Lynx

Eurasian Lynx

Eurasian Lynx

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Woodland Caribou

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The Eurasian Eagle Owl

This Eurasian Eagle Owl, also known as the European Eagle Owl, or Uhu in German, was in training at the Palace of Bückeburg’s Royal Riding School . The trainer let this young male fly around and it then settled right in front of us. This is the first time that I have ever seen one of these owls and even though this was a relatively tame specimen, it was thrilling nonetheless.

The Eurasian Eagle Owl (Uhu)

The Eurasian Eagle Owl (Uhu)

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A robin in the forests of the Wisentgehege in Springe, Germany

A robin in the forests of the Wisentgehege in Springe, Germany

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Casual Walk

Just out for a walk, nothing to see here…


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Cee’s B&W Challenge: Isolated Subjects

Cee and her challenges are back after a summer break and the first B&W challenge is showcasing isolated subjects.

From our garden

From our garden

A seagull planned its next move

A seagull planned its next move

Coco enjoying the sun and snagging the seat from her sister

Coco enjoying the sun and snagging the seat from her sister

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Getting to know the locals

The berry season, despite the shoddy summer we have had, has provided a bumper crop, which in turn means the locals are out scavenging before winter arrives.


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