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Sunday Loving

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Into the storm – together

I have no idea how I ended up with this idea, the mind sometimes works in mysterious ways, which I have stopped trying to understand.

Into the storm - together

Into the storm – together

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Two Birds with one Shot

Not quite right, but you get the gist. These two fully individuals were having a good time on a sunny winter day. Seconds after this shot they were off again chasing each other.

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Heads or facial features (human or animal)

It’s Thursday and time for another black & white challenge from Cee: heads or facial features (human or animal). So here is a selection of animal heads I have shot over the past year.

Calgary Zoo Mar-2015-21-1



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

It’s Pet’s week at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. During my time I/we have had all sorts of pets, from budgies (mine when I was a child and then our daughter when she was younger), to rabbits (mine), guinea pigs (my sister’s), a rat (my brother’s), hamsters (also my sister’s), parakeet (my dad’s), beta fish (our daughter’s), and dogs.

Jo Jo - our daughter's first pet

Jo Jo – our daughter’s first pet

We had our first dog a few years after we got married. She was called Josie, was a tri-colour border collie and a very intelligent hound. We did however, feel like sheep every time she played fetch, as she would run out, get the ball or stick, and then circle round the other way to heard us into the center and then coming in from the back. She was a great dog and we were very sad when we had to give her away due our overseas posting and her inability to have survived a 10+ hour journey in the plane’s hold.

Josie - our highly intelligent dog - the first pet we owned as a married couple

Josie – our highly intelligent dog – the first pet we owned as a married couple

Since moving to Canada we have been the owners of two female West Highland White Terriers. They are called Coco and Diva and are half sisters, having the same dad. We only set out to buy one dog, but they had spent the first 10 months of their lives together, so who were we to force them apart? They are a true joy to have around. Both have distinctly different characters; Diva, true to her name, is a true diva, loves to sit on tons of cushions and looks like a Westie should look. Coco on the other hand is a little rebel, loves watching TV (mainly wildlife programs) and looks more fox-like. We do sometimes wonder if we own them or if they just let us have that illusion!

Diva - trying to sneak into my flower bed, thinking I wasn't watching

Diva – trying to sneak into my flower bed, thinking I wasn’t watching

Coco - always up to no good

Coco – always up to no good

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More from the baby gorilla

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first photo of the new baby gorilla at our local zoo. In just over a week this little one will be two months old. It didn’t have an easy start, it was, and still seems to be a, little smaller than expected, and at one point the gorilla care team had to intervene to ensure the baby got enough nourishment and liquids.

When we visited them again this weekend the difference in the little one was easy to see; she (sorry, did I say it was a girl?) was alert, looked much happier, and although still a little scrawny, she has put on weight. Mum is doing a great job, especially as this is her first baby, and Dad, who has a lot more experience, is gentle and protective.

It is always nice to see babies, be they human or animal, and a gorilla baby is just extra special.

untitled-106-1 untitled-108-1-2 untitled-115-1


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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Pets

We have two White West Highland Terriers, which have previously featured on my blog. I don ‘t write a lot about them these days, or feature photos of them, so Cee’s latest B&W Challenge for pets is a good excuse to rectify this.

Unfortunately for me and my camera, our dogs, whilst fairly well behaved, do not like to sit still or remain in position, so it took some sneaky photography for me to get the photos below. Thank god for zoom lenses is all I can say!

Diva (in the background) does not look too impressed with me

Diva (in the background) does not look too impressed with me



Coco in one of her favourite positions on the sofa

Coco in one of her favourite positions on the sofa

And this is Diva in her usual position when she sits with my husband

And this is Diva in her usual position when she sits with my husband

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The new addition

At our local zoo all eyes were on the giraffes who had a baby at the end of October, and whilst she is very cute indeed I was far more excited to see this little cute fur ball.

Meet Usha, a baby red panda cub that was born in July, and after three months growing up in her den finally made her way out to meet the public. She is very cute and loves to play around a lot.

20151113-untitled-578-Edit 20151113-untitled-548-Edit-Edit 20151113-untitled-581-Edit-2

Now I know that a lot of people don’t like zoos, and if you are one of them, you are out of luck with me. I love our local zoo, especially as without their conservation efforts, and those of other zoos around the world, many of our fantastic animal species would be extinct by now. In case you hadn’t noticed, but the human race seems to love killing anything around them. And yes, I would much rather that all the animals were free to roam the wild, who wouldn’t? But let’s face it, with so many wildlife habitats disappearing, the poachers all around the world decimating some species and us humans in general not really looking after the animals and their habitats, zoos play a vital role in conservation.

Right, I am coming off my soap box now.20151113-untitled-544-Edit-Edit

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A pod of pelicans

A group of pelicans is called a pod, squadron or scoop. This pod was very tame and didn’t mind being stroked; turns out they feel very velvety.


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This macaque looks about as contemplative as I feel about my blog.

After a lot of deliberation, and taking the comments I received on board, I have decided that I do want to continue with this blog, but not in its previous format. I will be doing far less writing (as I found that part did not come easy to me) and concentrate on my photos and digital creations.

I’ll be starting it off with this photo I took in our local zoo today. I know that zoos evoke a lot of different views and opinions, but that is not really what I want to concentrate on, as I can see both sides of this particular coin.

So, however you feel about zoos, I do hope you still enjoy this image.

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque


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