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End of summer and a return to blogging

After two months of blogging I am back and ready to hit the blogosphere!

August and September proved to be busy months for us. We had friends visiting us from the UK for three weeks, so we took them to Jasper (Alberta), had days out and about and had fun just hanging out. This was followed by a spontaneous trip with my other half to Las Vegas (thankfully we had left the city a few days prior to the terrible events that unfolded last Sunday).

So, plenty of photos and stories to share from those summer adventures and I am still (yes, still!) working on photos from my earlier trip to London, as well as finalizing those taken on our trip to the Dominican Republic prior to that.

My last blog post was in August and was part of my London series. I am still in two minds on whether to continue with this series, or jump to the summer adventures and revisit London later. In any case, regular blogging has resumed!

View on the Icefields Parkway on our way to Jasper, Alberta.


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Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Cloud

Here in Alberta we get a lot of summer storms, they include anything from torrential rain to hail the size of golf balls. They don’t call this area “Hailstorm Alley” for nothing!

The other day I was just sitting by the window looking out into the garden when, by chance, I looked up to the sky and saw some odd cloud formations. I went out into the garden to get a better view and realized that we had a mammatus cloud heading our way. This is the first time I have ever seen this type of cloud.

There is a misconception that these types of clouds are a sign that a tornado is about to form, which is incorrect. They may be a sign of severe weather, but not always. In our case, no thunderstorm followed the cloud.

I had to search the internet to find out why these clouds form, and apparently it is the result of moist air sinking into dry air, which makes them an upside-down cloud.


In any case, they look very beautiful.

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Summer fields

You know summer is in full swing when the canola fields are in full bloom!

We are lucky that we have plenty of these fields all around us, which always reminds me of my childhood. Our six weeks of summer holidays in Germany were always accompanied by these bright fields. My uncle, who was a part-time beekeeper, would have his hives near the fields and the honey was just the best.

I always find that the yellow fields are looking there best before or just after a storm (of which we get plenty during the summer).


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Woodland Caribou

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Snow – that’s all

Snow – I don’t think I need to say any more…

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Hide and Seek (not very successful though!)

This rhea obviously does not get the full concept of hide and seek.

These flightless birds are native to Southern America, however, a small group managed to escape a wildlife park in Northern Germany near L├╝beck in the late 1990s and have done well in their new found freedom. The population has double in size and they have even moved into other areas. Unfortunately local farmers are less impressed as the birds eat the rape seeds and trample the plants.

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Frozen Lake

This is the Upper Kananaskis Lake in winter (see this previous post for a summer version). As you can see, covered in plenty of snow and deep ice underneath this makes for a pretty spectacular place even in the cold. There were a number of people snowshoe walking and skiing on it when we visited.

Upper Kananaskis Lake in the winter

Upper Kananaskis Lake in the winter

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Making tracks

Came across these hare tracks in the woods the other weekend (looks like they were running late….).

Making tracks

Making tracks

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Last weekend we used the nice weather to take a drive out into the mountains. Despite the sunshine there was still hoar frost on the trees, which makes for some beautiful images.



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Frosty Morning

Working from home has its benefits, especially when you can capture a beautiful sunrise on a frosty cold morning. I wish I could work from home every day, but alas telecommuting is still not a thing where I work.

Frosty Mornings

Frosty Mornings

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