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French markets – How I already miss them!

Since returning from our trip to France last month I have really missed being able to pop to a local market that is full of fresh produce, bread, flowers, meats, cheese and fish! In the summer months we do have a little local market here in town, but what’s on offer is limited and a lot of the stalls are offering non-food items. So we made full use of the markets we came across during our little french trip. Most little towns have at least a weekly market and some of the bigger towns have more than that. We stayed in Saintes for a number of days and found out that it has a market every day other than Sundays and each of them in a different location!

Each market is different in size, but all have at least one stall each offering fresh produce, flowers, bread, fish, meat, or cheese. I loved shopping at the markets, you always get fantastic service and advise from the stall owner and the quality of the products are unmatched. I cannot wait until we move and I will have access once again to this wonderful tradition of shopping locally. It’s strange how I have always taken this for granted when we lived in Germany and the UK, but since living in Alberta, Canada it has been one thing I have really missed.

Below is a selection of photos I took of the different markets and stalls we visited.

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