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Surprise encounter

This summer I have been trying to photograph our local mule deer population and have been trying to get photos of the deer in the fields that surround our little town, with little success. Everytime I would see the deer they were either in our neighbourhood, walking along roads and footpaths, or if they were in the fields, I was on my way to or from work without my camera at hand.

This morning I was on my way to pick up our online grocery order and on a whim took my camera with me – so glad I did! Just as I was heading out of town on my usual commute route I spotted a mule deer stag in one of the fields. Thankfully there was a pull out just across the road and I was able to get some photos of this wonderful animal.

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Mountain Bluebird

Meet the Mountain Bluebird, which has eluded my camera for almost 7 years! Although this is not a rare bird, far from it, it doesn’t tend to sit still long enough, always hunting for small insects. I finally managed to get this photo a month or so ago on our way back from the Rocky Mountains, much to my husbands delight – so this post is really for him!

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

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