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Summer of Love at the Globe Theatre


It is the Summer of Love at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London this Summer.

At the beginning of this year I found out that our daughter’s favourite Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet was being performed at the Globe while we were visiting London. The excitement from our daughter was enormous, so obviously I had to ensure to get tickets! We were lucky enough to book seats on the Upper Gallery of the Globe right at the front, opposite of the stage, so no posts were hindering our view!


The stage at the Globe Theatre

Emma Rice, the Artistic Director (leaving after only 2 seasons in April 2018), has had some bad press , as her productions are modern and somewhat shocking, and many Shakespeare fans do not like to have their favourite plays changed like that. However, her different take on the traditional plays has brought in a more diverse audience, which can only be a good thing in my mind. So, with all that being said, we were not sure if we would like the modern take on this classic play; our daughter (then 18 years young) said she would probably prefer the original version, which she had previously viewed on DVD.

Boy were we wrong! We loved it, were totally mesmerized by the performances, and the end was so powerful it took our utmost willpower to not break out in tears! The modern take was just perfect, and from what we saw the rest of the audience agreed! It is a shame that Emma Rice felt she had to resign from her post at the Globe, as I think this new take really does change your perspective on the plays of Shakespeare.

If you ever get the chance to watch a play here, please take that chance. Even though this is a faithful recreation of the original theatre, it does feel very authentic. Be warned though, if you book a seat in any of the Galleries, it is cramped, as the following photo indicates. There is an interval to get up and stretch your legs; and do pay the couple of pounds for a seat cushion, unless of course you like the feeling of a numb bottom!

The seating at the Globe Theatre – a little tight!

For info on the Globe and its history, and to book tickets visit their website at

We had a great time and I would book tickets again in a heartbeat.

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