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Sunday Loving

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Casual Walk

Just out for a walk, nothing to see here…


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Balancing Act

I wish I had the balancing talent of this flamingo!


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Water Lilies

The water lilies at the back of the conservatory of our local zoo are a place not many people go to explore, which is a shame as they look fab in the summer!

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink or Magenta Flower

This week it is all about Pink or Magenta Flowers at Cee’s, which also happens to be the last of the flower themed challenges for the Fun Foto Challenge.

Below are four of my favourite pink flowers from our garden; two of these I have already showcased on this blog, but I couldn’t resist putting them up again.


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Flower Friday

This is a close-up of the fuchsia hanging plant we had in our garden this year. It was the first time we tried our luck with this plant and it did pretty well. In the UK we used to have lots of them in plant pots and they would usually come back every year, but not so here in Canada. So after this year’s success we will be buying more of them in the summer.

20140530-Our Garden 2014-17-Edit

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Flower Friday

This is the Bleeding Heart plant. Since moving it into our new flower bed it has doubled in size and had far more flowers than any other year. Unfortunately winter arrived at the weekend and it will be some time before I see these beautiful blooms again.

Bleeding Heart plant

Bleeding Heart plant

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Flower Friday

This pretty perennial is one of the new additions to our redesigned and newly planted garden. I took this a month or so ago when it was still in bloom.

20140627-Our Garden-4708-Edit

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