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Havana’s evocative Malecón

On my list of must-visit places for our trip to Havana was the Malecón; the 7km long road going alongside Havana’s waterfront. Here you will find families going for a leisurely walk, lovers meeting for a date, friends debating the latest issues, musicians playing their instruments, street sellers hoping for a sale, fishermen trying to make a catch, and tourists with their cameras trying to capture it all. The Malecón has been dubbed “the world’s longest sofa”, and sure enough, it was exactly what we found, people sitting on the wall and enjoying the evening.

The City’s Historian Office has given special status to 14 blocks of buildings on the Malecón, in order to stop the rot the buildings have experienced over time thanks to the corrosive effects of the ocean. There are days when the road is closed to cars due to the crashing waves and you are able to walk down the middle of the empty thoroughfare and still get very wet.

Every Havana travel guide tells you to visit at sunset, so that is exactly what we did.

Waves crashing against the Malecón, Havana

Some colourful buildings at sunset on the Malecón

Havana’s waterfront with El Morro (one of three forts) at the end

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Summer fields

You know summer is in full swing when the canola fields are in full bloom!

We are lucky that we have plenty of these fields all around us, which always reminds me of my childhood. Our six weeks of summer holidays in Germany were always accompanied by these bright fields. My uncle, who was a part-time beekeeper, would have his hives near the fields and the honey was just the best.

I always find that the yellow fields are looking there best before or just after a storm (of which we get plenty during the summer).


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