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London’s little curious things – Wellington’s Horse Mounting Block

I love to discover the curious and little know facts about stuff, but I particularly like to discover them in London (honestly, my head is full of useless facts – just ask my long suffering husband!). There are so many of them, and each time I visit London I try to find some of them.

This one I discovered while reading the walking book I had purchased for my last trip to London with our daughter.

Let me introduce you to the horse mounting block of the Duke of Wellington.

The Duke of Wellington’s Horse Mounting Block

This little curious marvel can be found in Waterloo Place, which is up the Duke of York Steps just from The Mall. Towering at the top of the steps is the Duke of York on his column (he who had 10,000 men, marched them up a hill and marched them down again).

On The Mall looking towards the Duke of York Steps and his statue

Waterloo Place itself is worth a visit not just to see the horse mounting block, but also to see the many statues that line its sides, including Sir John Franklin, who was lost while searching for the then elusive north-west passge round Alaska, and Captain Scott, he of South Pole fame.

If you approach Waterloo Place from The Mall stay on the left hand side once you get to the top of the steps.

The mounting block is outside of the Athenaeum club which was founded in the 1820s, but not completed until 1830. The Duke of Wellington was a founding member and requested that this block be installed outside to help him mount his horse, possibly even his famouse charger Copenhagen.




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